Yesterday's IronPigs (one word) game, moron.

Okay, I'm back from Waltham or whatever.

Pawtucket scored first thing, right away, top of the first, Nate Spears singled to right, yes. Yamaico Navarro was subsequently hit by a pitch, Reddick ground into a force out (Navarro out), Reddick stole second and Anderson hit a two-run single. POW, 2-0.

Lehigh Valley picked up a run of their own in the first when shortstop Kevin Frandsen hit an RBI single. Frandsen used to be on the Pawsox, not that you care. I care because it's my job to care.

So, yeah, more runs and suchlike. Let's skip to the goody-goody.

Two things:
1. JC Linares went 3-4 with a couple of RBI. Josh Reddick hit a solo home run. Hector Luna hit two doubles.
2. "If it wasn't for Kevin Frandsen we'd have been no-hit," said Brandon Moss said as he walked by Frandsen's locker. - Thank you, Jeff Schuler!
3. I forgot to tell you that Brandon Moss is with Lehigh Valley now. He went 0-4 last night. It was precious.
4. "Of Pawtucket's 12 hits, seven of them came with two strikes. All but one of the PawSox runs scored on two-strike hits, and five of those runs scored on two-out, two-strike hits." Schuler again, just brimming with information.
5. Do you understand the terms 'cap-shot' and 'jam-shot' when it comes to baseball? If not, you should probably talk to K. Frandsen.
6. "Just this morning, Frandsen offered to... FRANDSEN!"

TONIGHT! Brandon Duckworth, Brian Bass. Go ahead and scream your head off! We're miles from where anyone can hear you!

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