4.28.11 Red Sox @ Ironpigs - The thing you hate the most

Welcome to the Angry PawSox Blog, how may I help you?

PawSox win 11-8. Felix Doubront started, but he was on a pitch count so he only worked for three innings. Doubront threw 50 pitches, 30 for strikes, induced six groundouts.

Doubront was ably replaced by the nimble lefty Kris Johnson. Johnson came in for some minor league long relief, pitching three innings and giving up five runs on six hits, including a two-run homer by second baseman Josh Barfield. Second verse, same as the first.

But what about Lehigh Valley starter Ryan Feierabend? 3 2/3, ten runs on ten hits. Rough night. It was the fourth inning that brought Feierabend to his knees. It all started with back-to-back singles by Drew Sutton and Mike McKenry, although Sutton tried to get to third base and was thrown out.

An ensuing walk by Tony Thomas put runners on first and second for JC Linares. All he did was hit a home run to right! And with still only one out, Iglesias singled, Navarro doubled, and Nava brought home another run with a sac fly.

I'M NOT FINISHED YET! Josh Reddick hit yet another home run. Does that make you hungry? Hector Luna then walked and, hey! Here's Drew Sutton again! Perhaps to make up for being thrown out at third, Sutton hit an RBI double. 10-0 Pawtucket and finally they gently remove Feierabend. Reliever Scott Mathieson struck out McKenry to end the demolition.

Michael Bowden wound up getting the win. Good work, everybody. Not you, Kris Johnson.

well, this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker:
1. Reddick and Sutton, 3-5. These guys are fire oil. Reddick with two home runs. And Drew Sutton of all things. How pleasing.
2. No hits for Nava. No walks, either. Nava might as well not even exist at this school.
3. Okay, are we about done with Kris Johnson? He must be sweatin' it this season.
4. IronPigs manager Ryne Sandberg had hoped that Feierabend would go 5 or six, since the team lost Vance Worley by way of the call-up. Thanks a lot, the Phillies!
5. "On the scorecard, this looks like a loss but it was a great example of the difference between Huppert baseball compared with Sandberg baseball. We’ve seen blowouts like this before but the hustle and drive we’ve seen in the first few weeks of the season is nice to see." - from The Horn and Bell blog
6. So that was five Pawtucket home runs, eh? Forgot to mention that Navarro hit one, too.
7. "His last name is pronounced fear-BIN. Not sure how you get that pronounciation out of that but if he says fear-BIN, it works for me." - Stupid Scrankees blog

Tonight! One last game in Lehigh Valley, then home for a paltry four games v Toledo. Alfredo Aceves v spot starter Brian Gordon. It was supposed to be Vance Worley, but if you were paying attention I told you that Worley was called up.

Okay, you guys, get to work! I'll see you later at happy hour.

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