Lunch with Vee

What was good about the Red Sox luncheon this year?

Hideki Okajima was there, Chili Davis was there.

Bill Lee was the opposite of boring as the guest speaker.



Iggy and his Man Purse. Sounds like a New Wave band.

That's it, I guess. SSDY.

It all starts tomorrow, guys. I'm going to double up on iron, put on some long johns, wear my mittens, leave work early and head to the park. THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!

I love you guys. See you at the park.


Vanessa said...

There was some DILF action as well! And Kalish...I don't want to think you're hot Kalish! Stop flexing your arms!

Jenks said...

Hey, you know. It happens.