Ramp Champ #36: Sam Horn

Four years? Come on! I have stuff to do!

Sam Horn is a first base/DH type who played for the Pawtucket Red Sox FOUR SEASONS. Firstly, 20 games in 1986 and lastly, 51 games in 1989.

1986 - In those twenty games Horn struck out 23 times. How many times did he walk? Five. Is it so wrong to be human after all?

1987 - Horn is clearly the power hitter who strikes out a lot who plays first (a little) but he's a DH. Or do I mean DJ? DJ! (Who's that gigolo on the street?)

Sam Horn hit 30 home runs for Pawtucket that year in less than 100 games, setting the lefty record for home runs per at-bat. Horn also set the slugging record Batted .321 with a 1.027 OPS. He was 23.

1988 - Horn was intentionally walked 10 times that season. He played in 83 games, hit ten home runs, walked a lot more and tried to steal three times but never made it. His offense was down but maybe Horn was learning a thing or two about being a real man. And I can tell you first hand... Horn was a real man.

1989 - Marty Barrett, Scott Wade, Mike Rochford's ERA, Ellsworth, Jeff Stone, Oil Can Boyd

Dana Williams, John Leister, Ed Nottle's losing record, ELLIS BURKS AND SAM HORN, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!

Sam Horn hit his only triple for Pawtucket that year. The rest of his stats are unimpressive.

Two things:
1. (With Pawtucket) "Big Sam was nowhere to be found, so a huge group of kids congregated around the team bus, just waiting. Soon enough, there was a total eclipse of the moon, simply meaning Horn was walking towards us. I stood there, ball, program and pen in hand, all 75 pounds of me, reached up to get my things signed, and BAM!, fucking Horn knocks me to the ground. Everyone else saw the mood he was in, and parted like Moses parting the Red Sea. Horn got onto that bus without signing a single autograph." - from 'Mystique and Aura' blog
2. Horn still lives in RI and his son, Jamale, is playing baseball. Does 'Jamale' rhyme with 'tamale'? Wait, 'tamale' isn't really a word. The singular form of 'tamales' is 'tamal'.

The nail used to hang Sam Horn's mural is audibly creaking from the weight. Go listen to it in the middle part of the third base tower.

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