5.10.10 Opponent: Gwinnett Braves

3-2 Braves. James Parr was supposed to start, but he fell in the bathtub and hurt his hip. Chris Resop got the great opportunity for a win. STAT PADDER!!!

Resop pitched five innings and gave up a run. He also got five Red Sox batters to strike out. Chris. Resop.

Randor Bierd started for Pawtucket and damn if he didn't look sharp with his red socks pulled high. Bierd only lasted four innings. Chad Paronto must be made of real stretchy pizza dough... he pitched three innings! And he mowed through Gwinnett with 33 pitches! Good job, CP.

Fernando Cabrera came into the eighth with score 2-1. He got Barbaro out (I can call him Barbaro, we're tight) via K, but subsequently walked IL repeat offender Brent Clevlen. Then Gregor Blanco, who is one of the shortest outfielders I have ever seen, hit a single.

So Joe Thurston steps in and strikes out looking. Clevlen goes to steal third and Dusty Brown botches it up. So Clevlen gets home on the error... Gregor Blanco managed to steal second in the melee but he got greedy and tried for third. Bad idea! Nava relayed it over to Jimenez and got him out. Suck it, Blanco. Weren't you supposed to be a catcher, anyway?

The tragedy of it all is that Pawtucket would have tied the game, because they scored a second run in the bottom of the eighth. Mariano Gomez was pitching and Mike Cameron doubled to left. The "crowd" went wild! And Angel Sanchez singled Cameron home. Have I mentioned lately that I love Angel Sanchez?

And bottom of the ninth, something could have happened. Anderson and Jimenez walked. But Bubba Bell struck out and pinch hitter Niuman Romero grounded out. They should have left Cameron in! (I am not serious.)

1. I was at the game but it was cold so I left. I don't feel the need to explain myself.
2. Looks like Daniel Nava was trying to be an aggressive baserunner, which might not be his forte. He was caught stealing and picked off. He also leads the team in strikeouts with 27.
3. Aaron Bates had the night off.
4. Know your place, Pawtucket Red Sox: In most of the news bulletins talking about Cameron's rehab, the actual game was not mentioned. Nothing about Randor Bierd, the G-Braves, the final score. That's a serious media dis.
5. Joe Thurston! I saw Thurston stop and say hello to a couple of PawSox staff on the field before the game. So cool. Did you not love him in 2008? I know I did.
6. Thurston sez "He definitely has big league stuff, but I didn’t see anything to where I’d say, ‘Get him out of here. He doesn’t belong in this league.’ Nobody on our team was awed by him. We all went up there with the attitude of, ‘This guy is in Triple-A, just like us, so let’s go.’"
7. Gregor Blanco went 3-4 with a double and an RBI. So don't get on my case, Mrs. Blanco.
8. I guess there IS a Gwinnett Braves blog. It is not a fan blog, though. It's like a propaganda stuffed events calendar, so it is of no use to me. You might like it, though, because you are boring.

Tonight! SEX! And... I don't know. Whose turn is it to be an ineffective starter? Is it Adam Mills? I'll be watching the number one show in America, thankyouverymuch.


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