This week in Red Sox history.

I saw this on TV last night, so I'm ganking it. I only have 4 years to reflect upon, but I'll do my best.

5.1.2009 - The Braves' Tommy Hanson shuts out the PawSox. Jeff Corsaletti is useless.

5.3.2009 - First Star Wars day at McCoy. Pawtucket wins 1-0. Mark Kotsay is in town.

5.4.2009 - Bobby Scales gets his first ever call-up. I am more emotional over this than I would ever admit.

5.6.2009 - Dontrelle Willis visits McCoy with the Toledo Mud Hens. This is more exciting for me than Matsuzaka's visit the day before that. Also, Michael Bowden had a no-hitter going into the seventh inning.

5.7.2009 - Billy Traber has a giant square head.

5.2.2008 - Dusty Brown tries to score a tying run in the ninth inning and crashes into Syracuse catcher Robinzon Diaz. Diaz has to be carried off the field.

5.3.2008 - Welcome to Pawtucket, Sean Danielson!

5.5.2008 - Charlie Zink pitches eight one-run, three hit innings. However, Pawtucket loses to the Durham Bulls 1-0. Ka-CHING!

5.8.2008 - Sean Casey and Alex Cora simultaneously rehab in Pawtucket.

5.5.2007 - I visit Minneapolis for a weekend to see Tim Wakefield and Torii Hunter under the same dome. Dustin Pedroia is unfurling before many people's eyes, but I Always Knew.

5.8.2007 - Jacoby Ellsbury is called up from double-A. Believe it or not, in his first PawSox game, he is caught stealing and picked off.

5.2.2006 - "I object to the use of 6.1 to mean 6 1/3. It's mathematically inaccurate, although I suppose baseball might be opting to use an alternate decimal system. One not based on tens. But then, shouldn't they reconfigure all player statistics such as ERA and Batting using this system? I don't like it."

Okay, that was cool.

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Anonymous said...

that star wars day ruled!
this year not so much
it was so scomog