Sergio Santos versus The Fog.

Remember Fisher Cats shortstop and, well, hottie Sergio Santos? I loved that guy!

A couple of years ago I heard that he was attempting to reinvent himself as a pitcher. Ho-hum, turn the page. And then nothing more.

Except! Not only was the experiment successful, but Santos got really fat and got himself a job with the Chicago White Sox! Holy hell! Read all about it here.

In 2007 I attended the Eastern League All-Star Game in Norwich. Sergio Santos won the home run derby. The crazy, thick fog ruined the game. I could not even see the outfielders. Hell, the batters couldn't see them either. Santos won a lawn tractor which he immediately tried selling.

Minor leaguers need money, not tractors.

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Anonymous said...

the catcher for K.C Jason Kendelle
looks like a bad ass who just beats people up cause he can. he just goes out and ounder anyone who looks at him.