5.28.10 PAW v NOR - Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Tides shut Red Sox out, 3-0. Lefty Troy Patton gets the win. But you knew that.

Pawtucket's starter was new kid and lanzador muy popular Felix Doubront. It was FD's first Pawtucket start. I wonder how he likes Rhode Island?

Doubront is no Stolmy Pimental, but he did okay. He gave up a lot of hits: eight, to be excact. But only one run, so think about that very carefully. It's going to be cool seeing Doubront in Pawtucket, seeing what he is capable of, watching him order takeout.


Chad Paronto's ensuing relief work yielded a second Norfolk run. The culprit was Paco Figueroa, with an RBI double in the sixth. Paronto was more successful in the seventh inning when he got the Tides batters out in order.

Ridiculously good-looking reliever Fernando Cabrera can be blamed for the third Norfolk run, a solo homer courtesy of Jeff Salazar. Cabrera was hotter last year, when he was IL All-Star material. Yeah, I said it.

Bubba Bell was last night's offensive leader with two singles.

we ride roller coasters into the ocean:
1. Good work, Troy Patton. Seven innings, three hits, four K's. And the scorelessness! Fucking beautiful!
2. Former PawSox great Cla Meredith has been optioned to Norfolk by Baltimore. ZOMG A RETURN TO HIS ROOTS!!!!
3. I miss Mike Griffin. Not that tanned asshole Rich Sauveur isn't a good coach... I just miss Griff.
4. You don't meet too many Pacos anymore. It's kind of a cool wild west name. Like, Paco's at the saloon with his six-gun. Or at some kind of corral.
5. Watch this Cla Meredith video of his reaction to being optioned. He is SO PISSED OFF.

TONIGHT. Brandon Erbe, Adam Mills. Should be fun for you and your family.

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