Connecticut is like Texas.

Inasmuch as I never want to go back. What a sucking vortex of humanity.

But I went to a Rock Cats/Sea Dogs game in New Britain and those kids played some ball! That kind of inspired play was refreshing. Kyle Weiland was hell on wheels. I haven't seen a Pawtucket game that compares to that in forever.

Weiland needs to come to Pawtucket, The End. He can take Kris Johnson's place.

I saw Robert Coello! Ray Chang was hurt really badly.

Damn, I'm tired. Windburnt. Tired. I'm done here.

Oh! Speaking of the Sea Dogs, former player Bryan Pritz has a blog. It is... curious.

Edit: Sorry, Nutmeg People. There are some nice things about CT. I was, as I pointed out, almost hallucinating from sleep deprivation.

Also, I take back what I said about Kyle Weiland.


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Edit: Thanks.