Dusty Brown Walks

Snappy title, huh?

Brown's walks in April: 8. Add two more for May. So ten up until now.

2009: 12 up until this date. So two more than this year.

2010: 16 games so far
Until this date in 2009: 17 games.

Five runners caught stealing... CS 45%! Sounds great. So don't steal on Brown.

Mark Wagner has played in 16 games as well, but he only has 6 walks. Wagner's Caught Stealing Percentage is only 18% (2 out of 9 baserunners caught). I really didn't know about this kind of thing.

I realize that this is one of things someone might read and say, "Yeah? So?", but I did it to satisfy my own curiosity and to continue learning stuff. I'm sorry I'm not sabremetric. I'm sorry I'm not the most boring person ever!

I'm sorry I keep using the same picture of Dusty Brown, but I think it's the only one I have.

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Anonymous said...

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