Game 2 @ Durham - It's time for the opposites!

Pawtucket WINS! 1-0 in seven innings. Catcher Gustavo Molina hit a solo home run, single-handedly winning the game.

Oooh... would we... say Molina won the game? Let's discuss Chad Paronto. Paronto pitched four scoreless innings, gave up one hit and two walks. He also struck out two bulls.

El lanzador tan rico F. Cabrera worked for two innings. Cabrera also walked two Bulls and struck out three.

And then there's Doubront and his game opening single inning. Oh, how darling! I'm glad I didn't miss a REAL start.

So, yeah, Gustavo Molina and Mostly Chad. Durham burned through four pitchers in seven innings. Dale Thayer pitched the seventh. HIM? Cool, maybe I'll see Thayer in Pawtucket.

randy rhoades:
1. Both teams wore Negro league uniforms.
2. It was seriously fucking raining in Durham. They do, however, have a killer grounds crew who made it all happen. Scott Strickland, will you please stand up?
3. Holy crap! A Durham Bulls blog!

Catch you over at game one... The Bloodening!

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