5.9.10 Red Sox, White Sox.

Pawtucket says "There it is! Take it!" (8-3 win!)

Guess how many innings M. Bowden pitched? Guess how many pitches he threw? Runs? Hits? Walks? GUESS!

Pawtucket scored eight runs, so talk about that. Daniel Nava, or "Danny Nevada" as he likes to be called, continues his monster mash and I'll bet he gets mad ladies. Nava had only one hit and it was a three-run homer. He's got some sick slugging numbers as well. He does strike out more than twice as much as he walks, though, if you care.

The real crazy thing is Pawtucket scoring all of its eight runs in the sixth inning. What happened? Charlotte was ahead 2-0. Lucas Harrell (who?) was pitching and it started off small... Nava was hit by a pitch. That's that weird noise you hear in your dark house and the onset of Panic Music.

With Daniel Nava on first base doing his serious base-running crouch, Angel Sanchez singles. Nava to third. Here comes Tug Hulett, who hits a two-run double!

So Harrell's out. Freddy Dolsi in, which seemed like a good idea at first because he sat Aaron Bates down looking. However, Dolsi walked Lars Anderson and that was bad because the next batter was Dusty Brown. And Brown doubled, scoring Hulett and Anderson. THAT WAS BAD, DOLSI. 4-2 Pawtucket!

Jorge Jimenez RBI single/Bell gets on base and then the Nava home run. Oooh, they batted around! I HATE THAT. It steams up my scorecard!

I have to stop in a minute.

mother should i trust the government:
1. Joe Nelson is the new Robert Manuel. Nelson pitched a pair of scoreless innings and struck out four Knights. And everybody loves him, including your mother. Not the way you're thinking, though... your mother wants to have SEX with Joe Nelson!
2. Catcher Tyler Flowers homered for Charlotte. It is his fifth home run of the season.
3. Yeah.

Tonight! The return of the Pawtuckets. I will be there. I think. It's the G-Braves, anyway. Kris Johnson's probably gonna pitch because of course he is.

WAIT! Mike Cameron??? I'm excited! I totally forgot about that!!! I may have to take pictures.

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