Niuman Romero has probably not been to Pawtucket yet. This year. See how I don't know stuff? I'm about to GET to know stuff, son!!

Romero is...
1. Romero has been to McCoy before, although it's unlikely he walked up the Champ Ramp (future home of Ron Johnson's portrait) (in which he'll be smiling and pointing to umps). NR was on the Columbus Clippers last year, having been promoted from double-A.
2. And he's from Venezuela and he is a switch-hitter. I wonder if he's ever met Edgar Martinez?
3. "The Indians have a lot of middle infielders in their system that they like better than Romero so this won’t hurt them much if at all down the road." - Indians Locker
4. Romero was on the DL in Columbus. Quote unquote.
5. The last time I was in Columbus I bought a Weakerthans CD.
6. Get out! Romero played for the Cleveland Indians last year. Ten games, says Assenheimer.
7. Hey, I like Jordan Brown! "with Niuman Romero gone, what mediocre prospects still stand in the way of mediocre prospect Jordan Brown on the depth chart?" -commenter BrickRun
8. Enjoy this article about NR in which other people speak for him. Looks like he's bros with Lovullo.
9. Jordan Brown was probably pretty pissed off when Romero got called up. Romero's a shortstop and they played him at first. Which is Brown's favorite position other than girl on top. Just ask E. Wedge.
10. Romero is the 246th player from Venezuela to make the big leagues. I'm really glad someone is keeping track.
11. VORP = -2. I really just wanted to link to this blog, which I am going to read as soon as I am finished here.
12. He is merry, I'll give him that.
13. Romero won the Kinston Indians Overcoming Adversity Award in 2008. It is named in honor of former batboy Tex Drake, who overcame Hodgkin's Disease.
14. Romero's call-up was symptomatic of Cleveland's many problems.
15. I really need to get to Huntington Park. It is not my mystery destination this year, though.
16. Scouting report: "Niuman Romero is a 6-0, 160 pound utility infielder. Playing shortstop tonight, the 24 year old switch hitter, righty thrower has a small frame that can add some more muscle everywhere, at least to 175. Athletic, skinny build. Defensively, he has pretty good fielding mechanics with a slightly above average throwing arm and soft hands. Appears able to handle every position on the diamond. From the right side, he has a straight on, straight up stance with a bat wiggle. His trigger is a double stride, picking his foot off the ground and then taking a big leg kick, and a cocking of the bat. He will bunt for hits. 4-A guy who really can't be a utility player for a winning team." (from TK's Blog, which is killer)
17. Tony Lastoria is the king of Cleveland minors information.
18. Romero played with former PawSox pocket infielder Ivan Ochoa on Los Caribes de Anzoátegui. (VZ)

Sounds good, not I thought we needed another smallish shortstop. Maybe Gil Velazquez is a slow healer.

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