5.15.10 PAW v SYR (up)

Pawtucket wins again, 6-4.

Pawtucket's pitching was a collaborative effort, featuring short spurts by TJ Large, Ramon Ramirez, Dustin Richardson, Scott Atchison, and Robert Manuel. HA! I would love to see that in Boston. Let's try starting things off with Hideki Okajima!

Syracuse countered with Shairon Martis. Martis pitched five and a third and was responsible for half of the Red Sox runs. Phenom, my ass! Martis was all over the place and his pitch count was perilously close to 100 before he was yanked.

Chiefs reliever Jason Bergmann wasn't much help. Berg puked up an additional three runs in his two innings of work.

And the crazy thing was that neither team scored until the sixth inning. Syracuse struck first when former Pawtucket guy Chris Duncan (girlfriend) hit a two-run homer. Dusty Brown topped that shit with a three-run bomb in the latter half of the inning. Brown always hated that guy, anyway. You should have seen the smug look on Brown's face as he trotted around the bases.

Things looked gloomy again for Pawtucket when the Chiefs pulled ahead in the next inning, scoring a pair of runs. But Pawtucket chipped the shit out of pitchers Bergmann and Atahaulpa Severino in the eighth. No, I mean it, it was all singles and sacrifices and errors.

Robert Manuel closed the whole affair out with flawless execution. Uno, dos, tres. Good night!

april n andy:
1. Daniel Nava went 3-4. Josh Reddick went 0-5 with a strikeout. Hey, I know what would help, Josh! Get another wacky haircut!
2. Randor Bierd is injured? Why the hell aren't I notified about these things? Anyway, this article describes TJ Large's start as 'brilliant'. I mean, come on.

Today it's Adam Mills and Chuck James and it's Old Hoss Day. You should go.

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