May 29, 2010 - Red Sox v Tides

Pawtucket wins, 7-2. Mills pitched six two-run innings, but did not get the win because the batters took their sweet-ass time in scoring. Instead, Fabio Castro gets the honor of the W.

Tides starter Brandon Erbe pitched 5 2/3 decent innings without allowing a run. Erbe struck out five Pawtucket guys... good start for Erbe, but the relievers ruined Christmas.

Norfolk was the first team to score. In the second inning, catcher Adam Donachie reached first base on an error. I don't know, I guess Dusty Brown's throw to first was crappy. The next guy, Matt Angle, hit a single. Robert Andino GIDP'd MR. Donachie across home plate, so that was pretty boring.

Norfolk scored another run in the fifth inning to make the game 2-0. Blake Davis put it up there with his solo home run. That's also kind of boring. But Pawtucket wasn't really doing much of anything at that point, so 2-0 is a menacing score in the sixth inning. You just gotta hope for a reliever who's not quite getting it done.

And that's pretty much what happened. Bottom of the seventh, Erbe's out of the game. Jorge Jimenez is first to produce a run, doubling Dusty Brown home.

And then this happened: "Pawtucket capitalized on an error by second baseman Blake Davis. Daniel Nava hit a grounder to Davis and instead of flipping the ball to second to try for a double play, he tried to tag runner Angel Sanchez. Sanchez jarred the ball loose and the inning continued. Lars Anderson followed with a two run single." Well said, Brian Smith!

The Red Sox scored three more runs in the eighth, but looks like they didn't need them!

i have to hurry:
1. Daniel Nava and Lars Anderson had two RBI apiece. 'Nava' rhymes with 'Lava'! I just want you to think about that for a minute.
2. Everyone on the PawSox got a hit except for Josh Reddick. Reddick's had a tough time, but what can you do except get up and go to work? That's what I do. That's what Morrissey does.
3. Robert Manuel wrapped up the Pawtucket pitching in a neat little package. Too bad no one wants to talk about it.
4. They were giving away glow in the dark PawSox dogtags last night. Why can I not get one? I think someone should have saved one for me. I deserve it.

Today! Go and see... Kris Johnson as he faces Armando Gabino. Who, me? No thanks, I'd rather work the entire holiday weekend! Thanks, boss!

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