5.21.10 Murder at Harbor Park

Norfolk Tides win, 3-2.

As I was listening to this game on the radio, I was doing other things and I kept hearing Chris George's name. And I thought, wow, where has he been? Well, he's in the Orioles org!

I don't really remember too much about C. George so I will say 'Left Us Too Soon'.

Pawtucket scored both its runs in the first inning and then laid down and died as Norfolk came up and tied things in a sea-worthy knot. Believe it or not, the lumbering Aaron Bates tripled in the first to score Jorge Jimenez. I don't know, maybe Bates is secretly fast or something... but there's a reason he plays first or left.

I think what really happened is the Tides outfield D was imperfect.

Anyway, since this game was not that interesting, I am going to make a list of things I did in Norfolk last summer!

Things I Did In Norfolk Last Summer:
1. Nauticus!
2. The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame! That was fun.
3. Ferry over to Portsmouth, beers and snacks here. I could have sworn I saw Lou Piniella there!
4. Virginia Beach by public trans. I didn't go swimming. The dining options there are fucking dismal, too.
5. "Slept" on the floor of the Dulles airport on the way home.
6. My dinner here was interrupted with the news of Michael Jackson's death. It was really bizarre.
7. The beautiful and air-conditioned Virginia Aquarium.
8. Daily breakfast downtown with all the suits and hospitality workers here.
9. Except that one morning I ate in the hotel, which I usually never do because it's crazy overpriced and pathetic. Billy Traber was sitting next to us, eating his pancakes alone and contemplating his own mortality. Michael Bowden dined alone as well and read the newspaper. I respect the fact that they did not eat together. I mean, most of my co-workers are cool but I don't necessarily want to break bread with them. Not in the morning, anyway, because I can be unpleasant.
10. Not only that, but three ballgames. Jeez. Why can't I just take a vacation and lie around the pool instead of being an activities co-ordinator?

I'll tell you why! Because my daily life is a vacation! I only do anything when I go someplace else! I don't go to zoos and aquariums and museums at home.

I love you.

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