5.25.10 The Durable Durham Bulls star in a season cliffhanger.

Will Pawtucket retaliate when Durham comes to Rhode Island in July? Will Daniel Nava get to face Jeremy Hellickson? Is Dan Johnson on the path to destruction? Who, exactly, is Josh Reddick working for?

And Dusty Brown will make a shocking discovery that will CHANGE. THE. TEAM. FOREVER.

Bulls win again, 8-5. This is what happens when Michael Bowden pitches, because I find his performances indefensible. Prospect my ass. Exciting young pitches don't repeat levels. Jon Lester didn't, did he?

I should probably say something bad about Fabio Castro as well, because FC gave up six runs in 2 1/3 relief innings. Bowden only gave up two.

Whatever. Durham struck first last night when Dan Johnson hit a two-run homer in the first inning. From the day he was born, he was trouble. He was the thorn in his mother's side. And he's wrecking the Red Sox like Juan Miranda.

Luckily, Lars Anderson hit a solo home run in the second to cut the lead in half. (Media kidz love using this expression: 'Cutting the lead in half.' It's so meaningless.) Pawtucket tied the game in the top of the fourth, mostly thanks to Daniel Nava's leadoff double. Nava got moved over enough times by groundouts to score.

Shit got out of hand in the Durham half of the second when Castro puked up four runs. And then! And then! Durham tacked on two more runs in the seventh! Dan Johnson doubled, Joe Dillon doubled, Ryan Shealy doubled... it was a disaster.

But... things got interesting in the ninth inning. Dale Thayer was pitching for Durham. Aaron Bates started things off with a single... then Thayer walked Reddick and Brown to load the bases. How do you walk Josh Reddick?!

Bases loaded, no one out for Dale Thayer. Jorge Jimenez walks, Bates scores! Then Bubba Bell, who strikes out. Pawtucket leadoff batter Tug Hulett steps up next... and walks! This, at least, makes sense. Hulett is the team walks leader.

So Josh Reddick scores and Thayer gets yanked. The next reliever, Mike Ekstrom, gets Angel Sanchez to ground out... but Brown scoots across home plate and the score is now 8-5. Two runners on for powerhouse Daniel Nava. Oh my god, what if he homers? Tie game is what if!

But Nava struck out swinging and I will hang my head low. Geez, that was depressing.

tonight i'm gonna break away:
1. Pawtucket had three errors, so please find a way to make Sanchez, Castro, and Jimenez feel deep, crippling shame.
2. Joe Dillon went 4-4 with three doubles.
3. Lars Anderson reminds me of that guy who was on that show with the guy from Poltergeist. He was a football coach? And there was some big ugly Swedish guy? The show was probably called 'Coach', but that doesn't sound right. He was a big, dumb blonde guy. You know who I mean!

Tonight! Nothing. Day off for everyone, so you might see some of the team at the beach. Me? Nothing. Call me if you wanna go get some beers or dinner or something.

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