4.30.10 Pawtucket v Indianapolis - The Goodening

7-6 Pawtucket and it was a cool game.

Righty Adam Mills got the start and did much better than last time. I mean, it wasn't exactly an oil painting (six runs on eleven hits) but the Red Sox didn't lose and that's what counts.

Things looked dire for Mills when Jose Tabata led the game off with a solid double and stole third. He got Walker out, but Brian Myrow singled and scored Tabata. But! The inning ended well when Mills struck out Pedro Alvarez and Brown immediately picked off Myrow. You could have fired up Kool and the Gang at that point.

Josh Reddick hit a solo homer to tie the game in the bottom of the first to tie the game at 1-1, but the Indians pulled ahead in the second. Steve Pearce's double led to a run in that inning when catcher Luke Carlin had a productive groundout.

AND YET. In the bottom of the second, Pawtucket managed to leap ahead. Indians starter Brad Lincoln led the inning off with consecutive walks to Lars Anderson and Dusty Brown. Bubba Bell followed that shizz up with a single and Josh Reddick hit a two-run double. Bubba Bell tried to get across as well, but Neil Walker got him out. It wssn't an awesome assist or anything - Bell was out by quite a bit.

THEN, Indy tied the game again in the fourth (another double by Pearce who was again batted in by Luke Carlin). But Daniel Nava thrilled the crowd with a three-run homer, putting the Red Sox ahead 6-3.

NOT SO FAST. Indianapolis tied the game up at the top of the fifth when Pedro Alvarez hit his own three-run homer.

Oh, crap, I gotta hurry! Daniel Nava put the PawSox ahead for good in the seventh inning, hitting a solo home run to lock in a final score of 7-6. Joe Nelson and Fernando Cabrera held on tightly to the lead and locked all the other batters out. And then some fireworks blew up!

Hamman Armor:
1. Brandon Moss did not look good at the plate, going 0-4 with two K's. In a way, I was hoping he'd get a hit even though he is the opposition. Moss was a good Pawtucket guy.
2. Fernando Cabrera is an exciting minor league closer. I like watching him pitch, and not just because he is a handsome leading man.
3. So Josh Reddick had a good night, eh? Now let's see what he can really do.
4. Pedro Alvarez had his own cheering section. Like his mom or his cousins or something. But they sat in the grandstand? I don't know, they were really wild...
5. I had to listen to that awful Black Beans song twice in one night.
6. I like to watch Joe Nelson pitch, too.

That's all I have time for. See you later on tonight!

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