GAME ONE - Red Sox at Durham Bulls. Hessmania?

Pawtucket loses in exciting fashion, continuing a suspended game and never quite fitting in. DURHAM BULLS EFFECT RUNSPLOSION, WIN 18-1!!!

Your Pawtucket losing pitcher was... I don't know, everyone except maybe Robert Manuel? I mean, Boof Bonser started and gave up seven runs in a single inning, but TJ Large's pair of innings wasn't exactly an oil painting, either. Large matched Bonser's seven earned runs.

Ramon A Ramirez, who I am dying to call "Ramona", managed to keep the Durham runs at three during his 3 2/3 inning tenure. That is some long relief. Ramirez threw like 40-something pitches.

Durham DH Dan Johnson had eight RBI. Remarkable. Tough name, though. DJ, Google is not your friend.

Bulls righty Richard De Los Santos got the win.

1. Read Mike Potter's terrific game(s) summery aqui.
2. How did Pawtucket score its sole run? A Bubba Bell productive groundout that scored Dusty Brown. Happens all the time.
3. Fernando Cabrera got into a heated discussion with home plate ump Fran Burke in the second game, presumably a balls/strikes thing. But it would have been interesting if it was something like Burke's wife hooking up with Cabrera... I have tabloid-ish tendencies that I work hard to suppress, obviously.
4. Gil Velazquez got into his first Pawtucket game of the season. Velazquez went 0-3 with a walk.
5. Good talk, Dusty: Brown had a throwing error and two passed balls.
6. Not only that, but Durham stole four bases on Brown's watch. Tough night in North carolina.
7. Someday I will tell you about my trip to N Carolina. Yeah, I get around.
8. Aneury Rodriguez started this game and worked a mere two innings, most likely due to the suspension. Game suspension, not drug. Rodriguez is also not hot.
9. TJ Large hit Justin Ruggiano twice. Maybe Ruggiano has a big fat ass?
10. Angel Chavez! Chavez went 0-4 but had two RBI.


Tonight! Kris Johnson and Jeremy Hellickson. I'm kind of enjoying my exclusive blog, but at the same time I am too much of a showperson to keep it locked up much longer. Ciao!

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